Our Nyonya Grandmother was not only, in our opinion, the best cook in the world, but a fearless pioneer, whose kitchen always produced traditional Malaysian dishes prepared with her own personal flair.

In her hands, meals were always an eclectic blend of textures and tastes that reflected the best of the myriad of culinary cultures that surround us in Malaysia.

From curries and rendangs infused with Nyonya herbs and spices, to traditional Chinese dishes served with a spicy twist, Grandma always made sure we understood the value of good food made with love and the freshest of ingredients.

As adults, we all went on our gastronomic discoveries, ending up in Australia where we spent our early adulthoods exposed to Modern Australian cuisine that melds the flavours of East and West effortlessly in new versions of traditional standards.

The only rule at our kitchen today is that there are none. Dishes are prepared to taste, even if it means borrowing a spice or two from another part of the world.

So don't be surprised if you dine with us and fall in love again with an old food flame of yours that has been given a new lease of life. Or discover a new love altogether.

Welcome to our table. Please make yourself feel at home. Oh, and there's no need for the suit and tie. Grandma never made us wear one to dinner either

Jacky, Jeremy & Keith